Conca back to Brazil after the first official league, two goals to help the team to win the victory

Conca back to Brazil after the first official league planning, two goals to help the team won the victory | maraca satisfied Phoenix sports stadium | goal hole kappa a first show superstar fan children full Xinhua Rio de Janeiro April 19 sports news 2014 Brazil football league first round games 19 also dozen. Among them, the debut episode in the Argentine Conca in return to Fluminense home court victory in the game. On the same day, the two recently for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to complete the transformation of the stadium, the two team Fluminen Jose and the international team were 3-0, 1-0 defeated his opponent, bar a new season off to a good start. Among them, Eph Lu meters tender plug at home against glenns team match fee has attracted a lot of attention, which is not only Pakistan a Brazil in the finals of the world cup site horse Maracana stadium after the completion of the transformation to the first race and Conca returned to Brazil after the first official Bajia League. Coincides with the Brazil 4 days holiday, Eph Lu meters tender plug club to encourage fans to the scene to watch, specially for the first game set up fares. The game is the highest price of 30 Real, or about 83 yuan, the majority of votes is 10 Real a. Discount fares plus holiday factor to attract more people to the scene to see the ball. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, outside the Maracana stadium is full of bustling through the home fans, 23 wicket open at the same time, fans buy tickets on the spot still lined up on 100 meters of the shape of the queue. Dozens of federal police officers carry a dog to maintain order at each fork in the road, and reporters with Eph Lu meters tender plug club membership Edu Aldo had to will his car in one kilometer away from the residential parking, to avoid traffic jam near the stadium. More than 35000 spectators into the Maracana stadium. Conca and the Brazil national team is the main center of Fred debut. The whole game team to fully control the situation, and in the first half 30 minute opener. Conca front left plagioclase instigated offensive, Fred chesting direct discharge to the effectiveness of the Spanish Real Betis Sobis have, the edge of the area of not stopping direct right foot volley, the ball straight into the goal right angle. This foot wave of the world instantly ignited the atmosphere, fans singing and shouting for two minutes throughout the course. Two minutes before the end of the first half,
Tottenham Home Soccer Jersey , Wagner penetrates the forbidden area is the other Zhongwei tripped, the referee awarded a penalty, Fred scored the penalty of the lower right corner of the overnight. The home team to continue to grasp the situation in the second half, the home team goalkeeper Cavaliere basically nothing to do. The 13th minute, Conca straight biography,
Inter Milan 15-16 Away Soccer Jersey, Fred pick Sobis cross shot was defender block back, Sobis again caused the other Zhongwei oolong, the home team 3-0 victory locked. At the same time open in another game, from the South River state international team 1:0 victory over the Vitoria team at the riverside stadium. Argentina star Da Lisandro clever zhisai assists Alan Jisi free from.

United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee you are the leader and legend.

United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee: you are the leader and legend. Manchester United fans at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge the Phoenix sports news within 4 days, Manchester United and Chelsea for the second time on the Stamford Bridge pitch quitting, but battlefield from the League transferred to the campaign in the English League Cup. And this indeed is not battle before the fire, the reason is that because throughout the confrontation of the league in both sides of the dispute, the referee carat Teng Bo lattice successive Hunzhao,
Chelsea 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey, resulting in a classic match with a stain on. Did not think about the refereeing controversy continued into the campaign, the Manchester United fans unexpectedly at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge, high hit the banner to pay tribute to the kiatten Berg. Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League contest already let the fans had enough of addiction, and only less than 4 days time. The two teams once again start fighting. And Philly is also called battle of Chelsea’s revenge, because a League clash at Old Trafford in 3 to 2 victory over Chelsea, but war that a referee Klatten Solberg has become a hero. Because he will be the two time the Chelsea players sent off, full of controversy, and United’s late winner was offside. And after the game Chelsea general Mikel also known as the main referee insulted him. Therefore the FA to Clattenburg were investigated, and before the start of the campaign, the official website of the official Chelsea website released a statement, they have 4 days ago red and blue war duty referee kiatten Berg on Chelsea’s Mikel improper words to the English FA proposed a formal complaint. How can we tolerate the practice of Lord Chelsea. What’s interesting is through the fire of half the sky KIatten Berg campaign still appear in the Standford bridge. Of course not a real person, but a banner on behalf of his. Because the camera to capture a few fans in the Stamford Bridge played very conspicuous banners above impressively reads: Clattenburg, referees, leader, legend! From the banner stands to observe, here are the official visiting Manchester United fans district. Visible Manchester United fans in the stadium Standford bridge also chose to use alternative way to cheer for the team. But the banners hang out, also has a provocative, to know that this is the bridge in Standford stadium. In with today’s carat Teng Bo lattice is in the cusp, not only Chelsea fans hate him very much, the FA has begun to survey he outside, British media is to he a piece condemn it in speech and writing, let Manchester United 3 than 2 Chelsea battle become Clattenburg law enforcement of the last war! And interesting is sadder but wiser, overwhelmed by the two teams clash again. Both the referee Mason can be described as is to enforce the law, regular time Chelsea and Manchester United 3 – 3 draw. The blues won two penalties without controversy and Chelsea’s second goal in over the line after the rescued to, Mason all the right decision. Obviously Chelsea’s clash with Manchester United, the referee should be very careful, otherwise you will fall into the pit of fire. It is worth mentioning the two teams scored once again staged a drama, Chelsea the final 5 than the 4 Manchester united. And Chelsea also successfully revenge Manchester United, but also to a certain extent on the surface if the first game is not a problem, Chelsea may not lose the game. But now the two battle of red and blue war has ended,
Inter Milan 15-16 Away Soccer Jersey, the two teams have 1 wins and 1 losses is the first battle of the main go halves on a fifty-fifty basis, but the referee.

Premier League Arsenal have been humiliated, 1-2 negative spurs hit 37 years of the worst start.

Premier League Arsenal have been humiliated, 1-2 negative spurs hit 37 years of the worst start. Beijing time on October 2, 23:00 (British local time at 16:00), the 2011 / 12 season in England Football Super League in the 7th round a focus of the war at White Hart Lane in battle, Arsenal 2-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, Adebayor assists Rafael van der Vaart break, Ramsey once equaliser, Walker then scored the game winning. This is the beginning of the past 7 years of the Arsenal 1974/75 season, the worst record in 8 consecutive Premier League away game, a record in the history of Arsenal’s Premier League history. Spurs last season, the League two and Arsenal have achieved 1 wins and 1 draws, nearly 3 League home is also achieved 1 wins and 2 flat. The two sides of the history of the Premier League, 38 games, Arsenal 14 wins 17 flat 7 negative, and the away game 4 wins 10 flat 5 negative. The history of the two sides of the 166 games, Arsenal 45 wins 52 flat 69 negative occupy the upper hand. Adebayor starting in the face of the old master. Arsenal defender Sebastien Squillaci injury recovery training, but still in the squad, Alexander song to guest Zhongwei, Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and kekuilin rotation into the starting lineup, injury of Theo Walcott and gervinho played. 3 minutes before the opening, Modric and Defoe has offside. Van Der Vaart broke into the restricted area pass, no collusion. Then get rid of Adebayor Alexander – song right into the restricted area pass was intercepted Coquelin rescue. Seventh minutes, Alexander – song misspass, Volcker pass,
wholesale soccer jerseys, Parke restricted area on the right side of the pole tongshe rescued by Sze J Ni. Eleventh minutes, Parke restricted area before the foul, Mikel arbitrary ball, Van Persie header from 12 yards against partial. The 16th minute, Mikel Arteta pass, Walcott restricted the right oblique hit Kabul slightly deflected rub on the left column. Arsenal won 3 corners, before Ramsey’s header was Modric at the far rub out. Nineteenth minutes, Baer broke into the restricted area on the left side pass, Van Der Vaart edge of the area shot higher. The 23rd minute, Kabul edge of the restricted area of Robin van Persie fouls, Mikel Arteta on the left side of the road free kick small angle Shoots Directly clipped the bar. Twenty-fourth minutes, Gibbs pass, Walcott – Friedel was confiscated. Then Volcker with Van Persie heading when treated for injuries. Then the two teams have won almost goal scoring opportunities, 28 minutes, Modric points ball right-sided, Defoe, before Vander FATT outside instep ejection was Wally Disney brave block. After 1 minute, Robin van Persie winger from Kabul after penetrates the forbidden area left at the end of the next return, gervinho 12 yards Department shot wide of the left post. Thirty-second minutes, Mertesacker backcourt uprooting Defoe fined yellow card, Van Der Vaart 25 yards free kick hit the wall. Thirty-fourth minutes pass, gervinho, Walcott edge of the area of the left foot shot slightly higher than the beam. Spurs the 40 minutes to break the deadlock,
wholesale Barcelona Soccer Jerseys, Adebayor crossing, Rafael van der Vaart chesting after forbidden area left rib 10 yards left foot dipped into the far corner of the net. This is two seasons for the fourth time he break the door to Arsenal. Forty-second minutes, Van Der Vaart pass, Baer shot wide of the left post rub. Before the end of the first half, Ramsey and theo cohee

Real Madrid exposure 20000000 deposit initial emperor, dear to Bernabeu called new zidane.

Real Madrid exposure 20000000 deposit initial emperor, dear to Bernabeu called new zidane. 2011 is not the end, Real Madrid has completed the first signing of the summer of 2012. Although the details of the final payment of the transfer fee and specific contract temporarily are unknown, but can be sure of is, the Brazilian rookie Neymar will be in next summer put on the white shirt, becoming part of the stars in the galaxy warships. In turn, if Neymar did not become a member of Real Madrid next year, is a real joke, because according to media reports, Real Madrid, the special team has been with a down payment of a large amount of checks, appeared in the office of President Santos. Of course, for the Real Madrid and Santos will continue to work, the rumor. But this does not cover Real Madrid, Santos, Neymar, the three parties to achieve a substantial progress in the agreement. Regardless of the media in Brazil and Madrid are revealed, the real mission arrived yesterday Santos, headed is real director Pardeza, peers and Santander has a high representative, because behind the bank will in low interest loans to provide real Madrid for the transfer of funds. In addition, an attorney for the Department of legal affairs and Real Madrid also appeared beside Pardeza, which is regarded as transfer agreement entered into the formal stage of a signal. It is reported that Real Madrid has been in the form of a deposit to pay Neymar 1/3 of the transfer fee, but in the specific amount, there are 15000000 euros and 20000000 euros in two different versions. If it is the former, so that Neymar currently contract 4500 million default golden rules are still in force, if it is the latter, then before rumours in the press in Barcelona intervention leads to player is worth soared to 58 million euro’s statement is not groundless. But there is one thing for sure has in Sao Paulo hospital received Real Madrid team doctor leader secret examination Neymar distance become 100% real people is only a matter of time. Brazil IG network revealed that after joining Neymar, Bernabeu will get only to C lo, Kaka and Casillas after tax of 6000000 euros, his breach of contract will also be up to 120000000 euros. At the same time, Real Madrid can get a portrait of Neymar 50%, once the world cup in the end of the world cup and the world cup in 2014, the galaxy warships will also get a lot of business income. Neymar, Real Madrid next summer, another key transfer object has surfaced. According to the "secret report" sources,
Valencia Soccer Jersey, Lille starlet haszard recently continuously refused from Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea purchase intentions. The two has a strong capital support of the club are willing to meet the Lille not less than 30 million euro offer for the transfer of, also want to open a high salary for the Belgian teenager, but not impress players of the heart. The face of the invitation,
Athletic Bilbao Soccer Jersey, haszard response is very clear: I will only play for Real Madrid, so don’t want to hear any other team’s offer. I believe the media, Real Madrid hassad determination from the White House adviser Zidane. It is reported that, the French star more than once said to Florentino: the hassad brought it, he is my tomorrow. Therefore, although Real Madrid has not issued bid for Lille, but I have hassad.

Exposure Milan wants to use Boateng for Peter Pan Milan Bayern king swap.

Exposure Milan wants to use Boateng for "Peter Pan" Milan Bayern king swap. The Ilsussidiario: Galliani desire with Boateng exchange Robben in 2010 to join Milan, Boateng has quickly become one of the Rossoneri midfielder, his position also from the waist become a playmaker, and with excellent performance, his goal has also become a Milan an important means of attack. But this season attacking core Ibrahimovic following the departure of lost cover Boateng’s poor performance in the game and he has participated in the 7 games in Serie A and 2 games in the Champions League but failed to score a goal, to know Boateng in 9 games for the shots up to 36 times, in the Milan squad after shooting 43 times but has scored eight goals in El shaarawy, Boateng now has almost become synonymous with radio waves. But although the boa Teng poor performance this season, but there is still a many teams are interested in him, including the Bundesliga overlord Bayern. Earlier this month, "mediaset" has reported that Bayern has a long history of Boateng’s interest, while Bayern’s president, Hoene, and even willing to pay a high transfer fee of 18000000 euros for Boateng. For Milan, the current Boateng is no longer indispensable for the club in the past the important players, and Boateng’s contract will be in 2014 due, if we can get a reasonable price, then the Rossoneri is willing to release. And Italian media the Ilsussidiario "is to expose the another important message, that is AC Milan vice – president Adriano Galliani doesn’t want to get a transfer fee, but to Bayern in exchange for Boateng Dutch winger Arjen Robben. Media believe that the Luo Ben and Bayern top relationship has been the existence of cracks, and last season he Ribery and public face, coupled with continuous penalty missed the crucial penalty affected the Robben status in the hearts of the Bayern fans, these are likely to let Bayern interview with Adriano Galliani this proposal. But the Ilsussidiario shows that Robben’s salary will become Milan introduced his bar, you know Milan this summer the reason exchange transfusion,
Lyon 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey , one important reason is to reduce total team salary. And Robben’s injury has been a lot of Milan in the introduction of his time to consider this issue. Also Milan’s overall competitiveness is insufficient, still hope in the Champions League achieved breakthrough Luo this is willing to switch to Milan is unknown. Of course, even if the exchange between Milan and Bayern is not successful, do not have to worry about no one will buy boa teng. At present the interest Boateng and Schalk, Wolfsburg Bundesliga club. Boateng debut to Hertha Berlin, then also has loaned to Dortmund played, very familiar to the Bundesliga, maybe in the future after the return to the Bundesliga this stage,
Manchester United Home Soccer Jersey, Boateng also can recover his best form.

La Liga -C Ronaldo 2 goals to break Gonzalo Higuain, Real Madrid 3-2 Barcelona 13 points ahead.

La Liga -C Ronaldo 2 goals to break Gonzalo Higuain,
Chelsea Soccer Jersey, Real Madrid 3-2 Barcelona 13 points ahead. Beijing early morning of March 11 5:002011/12 La Liga season 27th round a focus of the war started in Ruiz lopera, Real Madrid away against Real Betis. The first half of Bettis by Molina xianbatouchou, followed by Real Madrid Mesut Ozil assists Gonzalo Higuain broke the score keeper. Half Marcelo assists C Rowe will score counter ultra, but Betis quickly by Montero will tie the score, c Luo using the corner kick opportunity to break the score counter ultra 3-2. Final Real Madrid reversed to win, the league championship points standings lead a few games Barcelona 13 points. In league history, Real Madrid and Real Betis had a total of 93 times in battle record, 51 wins Galacticos 20 flat negative 20 accounted for absolute advantage, 201 goals to lose 100 balls. But the road record is 13 wins 17 flat 16 negative at a disadvantage. Last two sides clash was in La Liga this season 8th round, Real Madrid home 4-1 defeat Bettis, Higuain staged a hat trick, Kaka icing on the cake. Starting lineup Pepe lifted back to replace Ricardo Carvalho played,
Liverpool Soccer Jersey, Kaka and Ozil again joining starting, Higuain still play a single arrow. Before the start of the game, both players in the vicinity of the circle is in before recently died of Real Madrid Champions League five consecutive period of legendary defender Malki Toth stood in silent tribute, Real Madrid wearing a red shirt play. First minutes of the game, Marcello C Luo to return the ball into the box, Mesut Ozil shot right out of the goal. The 4 minutes, Real Madrid in the backcourt completed steals, Kaka straight plug c Luo, in the middle of the Portuguese direct long-range kick, Fabricio ball saved the bottom line. Ninth minutes, the home of the first Bettis scored. Bettis left long passes to the restricted area, Castro after stopping immediately knocks horizontally to road speed plug Molina, Molly chanshe break, 0-1. Real Madrid in the away game. Fifteenth minutes, Bettis again hit the fast counter attack, Molina lob over the crossbar. The 19th minute, cruising the frontcourt ZIL crosses attempts to move the ball to the left of the c Luo, the linesman raised his flag to signal that the c Luo in the offside position, but according to the replays show. This is a clear miscarriage of justice. Twenty-fourth minutes of the game, Real Madrid equalized. Galaxy warships in midfield steals after hit the fast counter attack, Ozil kick straight biography to Gonzalo Higuain, pipita ball speed raid penetrates the forbidden area right, under the press of El Dorado suddenly right foot shot, Fabricio powerless, 1-1. Real Madrid equalized. 28 minutes, Real Madrid houchangchangzhuan to right-sided Ozil, Germany midfielder return Kaka, Kaka restricted area outside the volley is Fabricio Puzhu. The 29th minute, midfielder Nelson long ball to right-sided Montero, Montero lateral dribbling restricted lateral suddenly kick nushe ball wide goal left fly line. Thirty-first minutes, Castro restricted area before the next pass right Montero boom gate was saved cathy. Thirty-second minutes, Gonzalo Higuain was injured on the ground lead to the suspension of the game, a small pipe to the sidelines for a brief treatment quickly returned to the field. Thirty-fifth minutes, Bettis Yiliniyin player malicious foul yellow. After 2 minutes, Kaka deliberately pulled behind Benitez ater, referee Il Tuula Hussein

Premier League – Suarez Tevez goals, the Reds are two leading 2-2 city.

Premier League – Suarez Tevez goals,
Valencia Soccer Jersey, the Reds are two leading 2-2 city. Beijing time in August 26th 23 points, 2012/13 season, the England Super League second round of focus on the war in the Enfield stadium, Liverpool against visiting the defending champion Manchester city. In the first half when Tevez shot in the column, Skrtel headed home, Liverpool 1-0 lead in the first half. Half when Liverpool defence mistakes gifts, Yaya Toure equaliser, Suarez direct free kick help Liverpool to be in the lead once again, Skrtel return mistakes help Tevez pole broke again tie the score, and ultimately sides 2-2 handshake. In the history of the two sides clash 165 times, Liverpool 42 wins 81 flat 42 negative occupy obvious advantages. Among them, Liverpool took home court score of 48 wins 20 flat 14 negative. Since the Premier League was formed,
Malaga Soccer Jersey, the two sides in the war in 32 games, Liverpool 14 wins, 13 draws and 5 defeats occupy absolute advantage, which at Anfield made of 10 wins 5 flat 1 negative results, fully take advantage of. Accidental candidate in the squad for the game, Liverpool, 1994 was born less than 18 years old young magician Sterling debut, with Luis Suarez and Fabio Borini strike partner. The midfield is still a combination of Gerrard, Lucas and Joe Allen. Coates line replacement card suspension Agger and Skrtel central defensive partner, Kelly and Glen Johnson about separation, Reina is still goalkeeper. Balotelli and Manchester City play, he played opposite Tevez. Midfield Milner, de Jong, Yaya Toure and Nasri, defensive line Kolo Toure and kompany is combination of Zhongwei, Kolarov and Pablo Zabaleta play on both sides of the wing, Hart as a goalkeeper. Competition has just begun in less than a minute. The offensive against Liverpool and Steven Gerrard in the restricted area outside the try right foot shot, the Reds captain’s low shot wide on the left column. The game in 3 minutes, Lucas picked up a thigh strain of substitution. 4 minutes, Stirling front run the ball by tackling and ball just fall on the frontier closed area at the foot of Gerrard and his fell to the ground right foot attacks the door again missed. 5 minutes, Liverpool were forced to because of injury substitutions, Lucas was replaced by chervy. 9 minutes, Balotelli front to break the ball is Skrtel recline, carat rove left curve ball Gongmen Reina was easily confiscated. 10 minutes, Aleksandar area suspected handball, Liverpool to the main referee, the referee did not pay attention to. 13 minutes, Milner right side of the penalty area for two times by spike Johnson xiadichuanzhong, before the first ball will be confiscated reina. 15 minutes, Suarez successfully broke the bottom line near Aleksandar cross destroyed by Hart. In the stands, just on loan at Liverpool, Shaheen sat next to Joe Cole to pay attention to the new club. 18 minutes, Stirling wonderful biography, Borini road closed area Qiangdian volley pad shot, the ball slightly wide of the, Liverpool missed out on scoring opportunities. 1 minute after Manchester City immediately counterattack, Nasri zhisai wonderful tore the Liverpool defence, Carlos Tevez insertion on the right side of the bottom line in the vicinity of the small angle shot broke the goalkeeper Pepe Reina and to mend the gate in the Cotswolds, but the ball hit the far post and bounces back into the field. This is by far the most good scoring opportunities. 25 minutes, Barrett Lili

Gerrard naked bright comparable to C Luo wife Bikini chest, beautiful figure.

Gerrard naked bright comparable to C Luo wife Bikini chest, beautiful figure. Steven Gerrard show chest Gerrard wife Curran (left) this summer’s European Cup, Barlow Terley is undoubtedly the most busy people: single his thinking about life, he calmly sideways and inverted hook, he smiled and scoring a penalty, he excited embrace mother, his final defeat crying, he finally joy when Dad… Position,
Juventus 15-16 Goalkeeper Black Soccer Jersey, of course, also busy and England captain Steven Gerrard, under Roy Hodgson sad reminders of the tactics, Steven Gerrard to when midfielder barrier, marking the opponent’s assault hand to fill back. Finally, he 4 and 3 assists unexpectedly also ranked in the league in assists tied for first… This is no wonder why Gerrard such a run will not die, will be in the game in the case of the cramps. The tragic bid farewell to the may be his last session of the European Cup, Gerrard is in a hurry to help the club released the new season of Jersey after, finally time with his wife Curran came to the United States Las Vegas to relax. Came to the strange Las Vegas, Gerrard in addition to accompany wife Curran, also participated in the party held by her friends, play a very fun. In addition, in their friends, the famous DJ and the music person Harris – Calvin at the Beach Club Music Festival, Gerrard also went to the background to visit, talk a few minutes. Gerrard’s wife Curran only 29 years old this year, but has been for Gerrard students three daughter, lily, 8 years old, 6 year old Yue Xi and only 8 months old Lourdes. Although already had three children, but the body is still perfect.’. Curran at the party, tall figure wearing a tiny bikini, sexy and extremely, especially her a pair of compact smooth legs, is peering hook soul. And gave birth to three children Curran, stomach not even a trace of fat, chest,
Chelsea 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey, a pair of breasts are still soaring, even if it is standing in a group of tall young bikini beauty of the heap, still appear very outstanding. Wife Gerrard is the perfect figure, more sexy. From Steven Gerrard is newest filmed a photograph, apparently to see Steven Gerrard’s upper body and have the breakthrough progress: the burly two large chest, flat iron in general, such as ABS, raised back muscle and on both sides of the shoulders towering strong muscles, looks exactly like a strong rugby player figure, even with small 5-year-old to muscular famous C Robbie up, Gerrard is also favorably color! With this body muscle, has reached 32 years of age Gerrard, in Liverpool and then play 4, 5 years should not be a problem.

Manchester City core was the Russian fans angrily cries of racial discrimination, UEFA punished.

Manchester City core was the Russian fans angrily cries of racial discrimination, UEFA punished. BBC: Toure asked UEFA to punish racial discrimination in Manchester City last night away 2-1 reverse beat CSKA Moscow in the Champions League, displacement kompany become Manchester City captain of Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure brutally opposing fans racial discrimination. In this regard, angry Toure to beg UEFA must punish these fans. Hear those fans with racial discrimination against their own songs, was angry Toure told the referee on the face. BBC disclosure, Manchester City will formally to the UEFA complaints, Toure said: I just disappointed, but also very angry. I am very disappointed with the fans, I think UEFA must take action, because the same color of the players will always stand on the same front. For me,
Lyon 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey , as a captain, I wore the captain’s armband writing — on racial discrimination said no, so I was really disappointed. I told the referee, it was an incredible and very sad scene. When asked to UEFA should how to punishment,
cheap soccer jersey, Toure said: perhaps they should on the stadium ban, I don’t know ban a few years or a few months. We have to try to be strong, otherwise, they will continue to do so, and intensified, we now have to stop them. In May this year, UEFA announced of racial discrimination in the implementation of new regulations, the stadium for a first offence will be closed for part of the stands, again fans racial discrimination will close all will impose a fine of 5 million euros. Toure said: I have in Ukraine played not only in Eastern Europe, so, I also have some friends who have experienced similar problems, it is stupid, only happens in football. As an African player, when you hear these things, you will always be very sad. After Pellegrini publicly condemned these racial discrimination, not playing Kompani also in twitter solidarity with Toure: today in Moscow and the emergence of racial discrimination song, we have enough, UEFA, the Russian government and the central army you have to act, everyone is looking at you. FIFA vice president, said: I am very shocked, I am very angry about any form of racial discrimination, FIFA and UEFA is to eliminate all racial discrimination. I have always said that the club can not solve the problem, because they can not stop some of the stupid, the new regulations will stop the people of racial discrimination to enter the stadium, so that they can stop them to continue to do so. Because Russia will host the 2018 World Cup, Persia also called on Russian authorities to increase the intensity of the punishment of racial discrimination. And European football against racial discrimination agency heads Bauer said: take a long time to eliminate racial discrimination, we are looking for some sanctions, or through education, I do not know how long does it take to make the central army of fans to learn it would. Toure is right, he told the referee, such referees will make things written report referees, and trigger UEFA processing mechanism, UEFA must sanctions against CSKA.

Real Madrid mouthpiece Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,.

Real Madrid mouthpiece: Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,. "Marca" Real Madrid, the first big red 1-1 draw with Villarreal, Real Madrid coach, received a total of 5 red cards. Mourinho, fitness coach Rui Faria, Mesut Ozil, Ramos, Pepe another time write their names on the red list of Real Madrid. "Marca" said, Mourinho’s Real Madrid is Europe’s first red card large, players got a total of 23 red,
PSG Soccer Jersey Home, Mourinho 3 red, Faria, and 4 red. In fact, Real Madrid mouthpiece of the statistics are not accurate, understates a red card, at the end of last year the king’s cup Albiol was ejected. On September 21, 2010, 10-11 season in La Liga in the fourth round of Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Espanyol game, Pepe get Mu’s battleship’s first red card. It also opened the prelude to the real red. In less than two years time, Ramos, Alvaro Arbeloa, Ricardo Carvalho, Casillas,
Juventus 15-16 Goalkeeper Black Soccer Jersey, Albiol, Marcelo, Di Maria, Sami Khedira and per capita to eat red card. Which, Pepe and Sergio Ramos got a total of four red cards, Alvaro Arbeloa 3 red, Marcelo Carvalho, Mesut Ozil and Di Maria, Albiol two red, Iker Casillas, Alonso, Sami Khedira get a red card. Plus Mourinho was banished to the stands 3 times, 4 times the fitness coach Rui Faria, Real Madrid together to get 31 red. The showdown with Barcelona is the highest place red frequency, a total of 7 players in the national Derby red. "Marca" Mourinho said, let the players keep on fighting, the result is constantly appear red. 2010-11 season 0-5 lose to Barcelona Ramos at the last moment, red leave; Albiol, Mary, Pepe, Marcelo, Ozil are in the national Derby to eat red card. 24 red cards in the players to get in, 7 is direct red card 17 times, accumulated two yellow penalty. League, Champions League, King’s cup, West super cup…… Real Madrid on all fronts to eat red card. Game 103 Mu Real Madrid for a total of 31 red cards, the cards speed is the first in europe. There are not only the Ramos this is due to the violent foul red Xabi Alonso and Ramos this because accepted Mourinho will take the initiative to shuffle card application, and Mourinho mouth cannon is punished by the red card. Attached to Mourinho’s Real Madrid players 24 red list of 2012 3.21 Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid Pepe, Ozil direct red card; Ramos two yellow 1.25 Barcelona Real Madrid 2-2 Ramos 1.10 Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid Alvaro Arbeloa 2011 12.17 Sevilla Real Madrid in 2-6 Pepe 12.13 Real Madrid 2-0 Pang fee o Nabil Abu molar ratio of orr 9.24 Madrid Mukden Levante a 6-2 Rayo Vallecano Mary Real Madrid 1-0 Khedira 9.14 Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 Real Madrid Marcelo 8.17 Barcelona Real Madrid’s 3-2 Marcelo, Ozil direct red card 4.30 Real Madrid 2-3 Zaragoza Carvalho 4.27 Madrid Barcelona 0-2 Pepe direct red card 4.20 Real Madrid 1-0 Barca Mary 4.1 Pei

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