England Soccer Jersey The blues for Mu Shuai 42000000 Portuguese Tiewei, until the death to Mairuni.

The blues for Mu Shuai: 42000000 Portuguese Tiewei, until the death to Mairuni. Foreign media screenshot Phoenix sports news Guinness cup 1-3 defeat to Real Madrid for Chelsea to increase the intensity of the signings, Beijing time on August 9, according to the British "insight offside" the blues to buy Porto defender Mangala, is expected to offer at around 21 million pounds, and in order to get Wayne Rooney, Mourinho Pro bearing can waited until the trading deadline at the end of the day. Chelsea in the centre back position with Terry, Gary Cahill and David Lewis the third member of the tiger, but the Brazilian is being strong chase from Barcelona, therefore, "insight offside" disclosure, Chelsea are preparing to introduce a good strength of Zhongwei as Lewis from the team after the spare tire, has now entered the vision of the blues is Porto defender Mangala, but this person is currently the European transfer market, known as the European unscrupulous called Porto opened 42 million pounds price, this also is precisely Mangala liquidated damages clause. In August 2011, Mangala from Belgium for Standard Liege moved to Porto, the centre back rapid growth as the backbone of the team, he played 30 league games,
Cheap Soccer Uniform, Porto lost only 14 goals, defensive ability is evident,
Manchester United Jersey, but from the point of view of "insight offside" news, Chelsea is not willing to pay the buy-out of the contract price, only willing to offer half, 21 million pounds. But Mourinho of the French international is love, that he suffers from is a very good potential. Of course now Mourinho most valued signing Rooney, the daily mail and the guardian also disclosed that after the successive price twice rejected Chelsea for the 3 times offer Rooney, taking into account a quotation for 25 million pounds, so the third quotation of the blues would exceed this figure. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho to in this summer to sign Rooney is confident, he believes Chelsea if have Wayne Rooney more odds in the battle with Manchester United for the Premier League title. But Manchester United are still firmly in the same way that it will not be sold in the summer, especially in the high – level forward to a competitor ‘s array of rivals, Rooney. The guardian said, now Manchester United striker although with van Persie such a world-class striker, but if the sale of Wayne Rooney, Manchester United will be lack of a second trusted offensive player. Small peas and Welbeck’s ability and performance can not be convincing Moyers. Mourinho in an interview also revealed the need to sign Rooney’s determination, he said: we are not in England, so there is no way to know all the details, but we have been working with the right way to do things. We offer a price for the United, and they give us a response. Let’s see what happens. We can not do what we can not do, we are doing everything is legitimate, in the official level for United, not in any interview with the players directly related to the topic, there is no private contact with the players. We always follow the routine play, have a look what things will change. We don’t set the deadline. According to the interpretation of the "Daily Mail", in order to get Wayne Rooney, Chelsea are willing to fight to the end. Thus, Mourinho will be very patient with Manchester United Sike in the transfer market.