Manchester City core was the Russian fans angrily cries of racial discrimination, UEFA punished.

Manchester City core was the Russian fans angrily cries of racial discrimination, UEFA punished. BBC: Toure asked UEFA to punish racial discrimination in Manchester City last night away 2-1 reverse beat CSKA Moscow in the Champions League, displacement kompany become Manchester City captain of Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure brutally opposing fans racial discrimination. In this regard, angry Toure to beg UEFA must punish these fans. Hear those fans with racial discrimination against their own songs, was angry Toure told the referee on the face. BBC disclosure, Manchester City will formally to the UEFA complaints, Toure said: I just disappointed, but also very angry. I am very disappointed with the fans, I think UEFA must take action, because the same color of the players will always stand on the same front. For me,
Lyon 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey , as a captain, I wore the captain’s armband writing — on racial discrimination said no, so I was really disappointed. I told the referee, it was an incredible and very sad scene. When asked to UEFA should how to punishment,
cheap soccer jersey, Toure said: perhaps they should on the stadium ban, I don’t know ban a few years or a few months. We have to try to be strong, otherwise, they will continue to do so, and intensified, we now have to stop them. In May this year, UEFA announced of racial discrimination in the implementation of new regulations, the stadium for a first offence will be closed for part of the stands, again fans racial discrimination will close all will impose a fine of 5 million euros. Toure said: I have in Ukraine played not only in Eastern Europe, so, I also have some friends who have experienced similar problems, it is stupid, only happens in football. As an African player, when you hear these things, you will always be very sad. After Pellegrini publicly condemned these racial discrimination, not playing Kompani also in twitter solidarity with Toure: today in Moscow and the emergence of racial discrimination song, we have enough, UEFA, the Russian government and the central army you have to act, everyone is looking at you. FIFA vice president, said: I am very shocked, I am very angry about any form of racial discrimination, FIFA and UEFA is to eliminate all racial discrimination. I have always said that the club can not solve the problem, because they can not stop some of the stupid, the new regulations will stop the people of racial discrimination to enter the stadium, so that they can stop them to continue to do so. Because Russia will host the 2018 World Cup, Persia also called on Russian authorities to increase the intensity of the punishment of racial discrimination. And European football against racial discrimination agency heads Bauer said: take a long time to eliminate racial discrimination, we are looking for some sanctions, or through education, I do not know how long does it take to make the central army of fans to learn it would. Toure is right, he told the referee, such referees will make things written report referees, and trigger UEFA processing mechanism, UEFA must sanctions against CSKA.