Premier League – Suarez Tevez goals, the Reds are two leading 2-2 city.

Premier League – Suarez Tevez goals,
Valencia Soccer Jersey, the Reds are two leading 2-2 city. Beijing time in August 26th 23 points, 2012/13 season, the England Super League second round of focus on the war in the Enfield stadium, Liverpool against visiting the defending champion Manchester city. In the first half when Tevez shot in the column, Skrtel headed home, Liverpool 1-0 lead in the first half. Half when Liverpool defence mistakes gifts, Yaya Toure equaliser, Suarez direct free kick help Liverpool to be in the lead once again, Skrtel return mistakes help Tevez pole broke again tie the score, and ultimately sides 2-2 handshake. In the history of the two sides clash 165 times, Liverpool 42 wins 81 flat 42 negative occupy obvious advantages. Among them, Liverpool took home court score of 48 wins 20 flat 14 negative. Since the Premier League was formed,
Malaga Soccer Jersey, the two sides in the war in 32 games, Liverpool 14 wins, 13 draws and 5 defeats occupy absolute advantage, which at Anfield made of 10 wins 5 flat 1 negative results, fully take advantage of. Accidental candidate in the squad for the game, Liverpool, 1994 was born less than 18 years old young magician Sterling debut, with Luis Suarez and Fabio Borini strike partner. The midfield is still a combination of Gerrard, Lucas and Joe Allen. Coates line replacement card suspension Agger and Skrtel central defensive partner, Kelly and Glen Johnson about separation, Reina is still goalkeeper. Balotelli and Manchester City play, he played opposite Tevez. Midfield Milner, de Jong, Yaya Toure and Nasri, defensive line Kolo Toure and kompany is combination of Zhongwei, Kolarov and Pablo Zabaleta play on both sides of the wing, Hart as a goalkeeper. Competition has just begun in less than a minute. The offensive against Liverpool and Steven Gerrard in the restricted area outside the try right foot shot, the Reds captain’s low shot wide on the left column. The game in 3 minutes, Lucas picked up a thigh strain of substitution. 4 minutes, Stirling front run the ball by tackling and ball just fall on the frontier closed area at the foot of Gerrard and his fell to the ground right foot attacks the door again missed. 5 minutes, Liverpool were forced to because of injury substitutions, Lucas was replaced by chervy. 9 minutes, Balotelli front to break the ball is Skrtel recline, carat rove left curve ball Gongmen Reina was easily confiscated. 10 minutes, Aleksandar area suspected handball, Liverpool to the main referee, the referee did not pay attention to. 13 minutes, Milner right side of the penalty area for two times by spike Johnson xiadichuanzhong, before the first ball will be confiscated reina. 15 minutes, Suarez successfully broke the bottom line near Aleksandar cross destroyed by Hart. In the stands, just on loan at Liverpool, Shaheen sat next to Joe Cole to pay attention to the new club. 18 minutes, Stirling wonderful biography, Borini road closed area Qiangdian volley pad shot, the ball slightly wide of the, Liverpool missed out on scoring opportunities. 1 minute after Manchester City immediately counterattack, Nasri zhisai wonderful tore the Liverpool defence, Carlos Tevez insertion on the right side of the bottom line in the vicinity of the small angle shot broke the goalkeeper Pepe Reina and to mend the gate in the Cotswolds, but the ball hit the far post and bounces back into the field. This is by far the most good scoring opportunities. 25 minutes, Barrett Lili