Exposure Milan wants to use Boateng for Peter Pan Milan Bayern king swap.

Exposure Milan wants to use Boateng for "Peter Pan" Milan Bayern king swap. The Ilsussidiario: Galliani desire with Boateng exchange Robben in 2010 to join Milan, Boateng has quickly become one of the Rossoneri midfielder, his position also from the waist become a playmaker, and with excellent performance, his goal has also become a Milan an important means of attack. But this season attacking core Ibrahimovic following the departure of lost cover Boateng’s poor performance in the game and he has participated in the 7 games in Serie A and 2 games in the Champions League but failed to score a goal, to know Boateng in 9 games for the shots up to 36 times, in the Milan squad after shooting 43 times but has scored eight goals in El shaarawy, Boateng now has almost become synonymous with radio waves. But although the boa Teng poor performance this season, but there is still a many teams are interested in him, including the Bundesliga overlord Bayern. Earlier this month, "mediaset" has reported that Bayern has a long history of Boateng’s interest, while Bayern’s president, Hoene, and even willing to pay a high transfer fee of 18000000 euros for Boateng. For Milan, the current Boateng is no longer indispensable for the club in the past the important players, and Boateng’s contract will be in 2014 due, if we can get a reasonable price, then the Rossoneri is willing to release. And Italian media the Ilsussidiario "is to expose the another important message, that is AC Milan vice – president Adriano Galliani doesn’t want to get a transfer fee, but to Bayern in exchange for Boateng Dutch winger Arjen Robben. Media believe that the Luo Ben and Bayern top relationship has been the existence of cracks, and last season he Ribery and public face, coupled with continuous penalty missed the crucial penalty affected the Robben status in the hearts of the Bayern fans, these are likely to let Bayern interview with Adriano Galliani this proposal. But the Ilsussidiario shows that Robben’s salary will become Milan introduced his bar, you know Milan this summer the reason exchange transfusion,
Lyon 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey , one important reason is to reduce total team salary. And Robben’s injury has been a lot of Milan in the introduction of his time to consider this issue. Also Milan’s overall competitiveness is insufficient, still hope in the Champions League achieved breakthrough Luo this is willing to switch to Milan is unknown. Of course, even if the exchange between Milan and Bayern is not successful, do not have to worry about no one will buy boa teng. At present the interest Boateng and Schalk, Wolfsburg Bundesliga club. Boateng debut to Hertha Berlin, then also has loaned to Dortmund played, very familiar to the Bundesliga, maybe in the future after the return to the Bundesliga this stage,
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