Premier League Arsenal have been humiliated, 1-2 negative spurs hit 37 years of the worst start.

Premier League Arsenal have been humiliated, 1-2 negative spurs hit 37 years of the worst start. Beijing time on October 2, 23:00 (British local time at 16:00), the 2011 / 12 season in England Football Super League in the 7th round a focus of the war at White Hart Lane in battle, Arsenal 2-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, Adebayor assists Rafael van der Vaart break, Ramsey once equaliser, Walker then scored the game winning. This is the beginning of the past 7 years of the Arsenal 1974/75 season, the worst record in 8 consecutive Premier League away game, a record in the history of Arsenal’s Premier League history. Spurs last season, the League two and Arsenal have achieved 1 wins and 1 draws, nearly 3 League home is also achieved 1 wins and 2 flat. The two sides of the history of the Premier League, 38 games, Arsenal 14 wins 17 flat 7 negative, and the away game 4 wins 10 flat 5 negative. The history of the two sides of the 166 games, Arsenal 45 wins 52 flat 69 negative occupy the upper hand. Adebayor starting in the face of the old master. Arsenal defender Sebastien Squillaci injury recovery training, but still in the squad, Alexander song to guest Zhongwei, Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and kekuilin rotation into the starting lineup, injury of Theo Walcott and gervinho played. 3 minutes before the opening, Modric and Defoe has offside. Van Der Vaart broke into the restricted area pass, no collusion. Then get rid of Adebayor Alexander – song right into the restricted area pass was intercepted Coquelin rescue. Seventh minutes, Alexander – song misspass, Volcker pass,
wholesale soccer jerseys, Parke restricted area on the right side of the pole tongshe rescued by Sze J Ni. Eleventh minutes, Parke restricted area before the foul, Mikel arbitrary ball, Van Persie header from 12 yards against partial. The 16th minute, Mikel Arteta pass, Walcott restricted the right oblique hit Kabul slightly deflected rub on the left column. Arsenal won 3 corners, before Ramsey’s header was Modric at the far rub out. Nineteenth minutes, Baer broke into the restricted area on the left side pass, Van Der Vaart edge of the area shot higher. The 23rd minute, Kabul edge of the restricted area of Robin van Persie fouls, Mikel Arteta on the left side of the road free kick small angle Shoots Directly clipped the bar. Twenty-fourth minutes, Gibbs pass, Walcott – Friedel was confiscated. Then Volcker with Van Persie heading when treated for injuries. Then the two teams have won almost goal scoring opportunities, 28 minutes, Modric points ball right-sided, Defoe, before Vander FATT outside instep ejection was Wally Disney brave block. After 1 minute, Robin van Persie winger from Kabul after penetrates the forbidden area left at the end of the next return, gervinho 12 yards Department shot wide of the left post. Thirty-second minutes, Mertesacker backcourt uprooting Defoe fined yellow card, Van Der Vaart 25 yards free kick hit the wall. Thirty-fourth minutes pass, gervinho, Walcott edge of the area of the left foot shot slightly higher than the beam. Spurs the 40 minutes to break the deadlock,
wholesale Barcelona Soccer Jerseys, Adebayor crossing, Rafael van der Vaart chesting after forbidden area left rib 10 yards left foot dipped into the far corner of the net. This is two seasons for the fourth time he break the door to Arsenal. Forty-second minutes, Van Der Vaart pass, Baer shot wide of the left post rub. Before the end of the first half, Ramsey and theo cohee