Real Madrid exposure 20000000 deposit initial emperor, dear to Bernabeu called new zidane.

Real Madrid exposure 20000000 deposit initial emperor, dear to Bernabeu called new zidane. 2011 is not the end, Real Madrid has completed the first signing of the summer of 2012. Although the details of the final payment of the transfer fee and specific contract temporarily are unknown, but can be sure of is, the Brazilian rookie Neymar will be in next summer put on the white shirt, becoming part of the stars in the galaxy warships. In turn, if Neymar did not become a member of Real Madrid next year, is a real joke, because according to media reports, Real Madrid, the special team has been with a down payment of a large amount of checks, appeared in the office of President Santos. Of course, for the Real Madrid and Santos will continue to work, the rumor. But this does not cover Real Madrid, Santos, Neymar, the three parties to achieve a substantial progress in the agreement. Regardless of the media in Brazil and Madrid are revealed, the real mission arrived yesterday Santos, headed is real director Pardeza, peers and Santander has a high representative, because behind the bank will in low interest loans to provide real Madrid for the transfer of funds. In addition, an attorney for the Department of legal affairs and Real Madrid also appeared beside Pardeza, which is regarded as transfer agreement entered into the formal stage of a signal. It is reported that Real Madrid has been in the form of a deposit to pay Neymar 1/3 of the transfer fee, but in the specific amount, there are 15000000 euros and 20000000 euros in two different versions. If it is the former, so that Neymar currently contract 4500 million default golden rules are still in force, if it is the latter, then before rumours in the press in Barcelona intervention leads to player is worth soared to 58 million euro’s statement is not groundless. But there is one thing for sure has in Sao Paulo hospital received Real Madrid team doctor leader secret examination Neymar distance become 100% real people is only a matter of time. Brazil IG network revealed that after joining Neymar, Bernabeu will get only to C lo, Kaka and Casillas after tax of 6000000 euros, his breach of contract will also be up to 120000000 euros. At the same time, Real Madrid can get a portrait of Neymar 50%, once the world cup in the end of the world cup and the world cup in 2014, the galaxy warships will also get a lot of business income. Neymar, Real Madrid next summer, another key transfer object has surfaced. According to the "secret report" sources,
Valencia Soccer Jersey, Lille starlet haszard recently continuously refused from Paris Saint Germain and Chelsea purchase intentions. The two has a strong capital support of the club are willing to meet the Lille not less than 30 million euro offer for the transfer of, also want to open a high salary for the Belgian teenager, but not impress players of the heart. The face of the invitation,
Athletic Bilbao Soccer Jersey, haszard response is very clear: I will only play for Real Madrid, so don’t want to hear any other team’s offer. I believe the media, Real Madrid hassad determination from the White House adviser Zidane. It is reported that, the French star more than once said to Florentino: the hassad brought it, he is my tomorrow. Therefore, although Real Madrid has not issued bid for Lille, but I have hassad.