Conca back to Brazil after the first official league, two goals to help the team to win the victory

Conca back to Brazil after the first official league planning, two goals to help the team won the victory | maraca satisfied Phoenix sports stadium | goal hole kappa a first show superstar fan children full Xinhua Rio de Janeiro April 19 sports news 2014 Brazil football league first round games 19 also dozen. Among them, the debut episode in the Argentine Conca in return to Fluminense home court victory in the game. On the same day, the two recently for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to complete the transformation of the stadium, the two team Fluminen Jose and the international team were 3-0, 1-0 defeated his opponent, bar a new season off to a good start. Among them, Eph Lu meters tender plug at home against glenns team match fee has attracted a lot of attention, which is not only Pakistan a Brazil in the finals of the world cup site horse Maracana stadium after the completion of the transformation to the first race and Conca returned to Brazil after the first official Bajia League. Coincides with the Brazil 4 days holiday, Eph Lu meters tender plug club to encourage fans to the scene to watch, specially for the first game set up fares. The game is the highest price of 30 Real, or about 83 yuan, the majority of votes is 10 Real a. Discount fares plus holiday factor to attract more people to the scene to see the ball. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, outside the Maracana stadium is full of bustling through the home fans, 23 wicket open at the same time, fans buy tickets on the spot still lined up on 100 meters of the shape of the queue. Dozens of federal police officers carry a dog to maintain order at each fork in the road, and reporters with Eph Lu meters tender plug club membership Edu Aldo had to will his car in one kilometer away from the residential parking, to avoid traffic jam near the stadium. More than 35000 spectators into the Maracana stadium. Conca and the Brazil national team is the main center of Fred debut. The whole game team to fully control the situation, and in the first half 30 minute opener. Conca front left plagioclase instigated offensive, Fred chesting direct discharge to the effectiveness of the Spanish Real Betis Sobis have, the edge of the area of not stopping direct right foot volley, the ball straight into the goal right angle. This foot wave of the world instantly ignited the atmosphere, fans singing and shouting for two minutes throughout the course. Two minutes before the end of the first half,
Tottenham Home Soccer Jersey , Wagner penetrates the forbidden area is the other Zhongwei tripped, the referee awarded a penalty, Fred scored the penalty of the lower right corner of the overnight. The home team to continue to grasp the situation in the second half, the home team goalkeeper Cavaliere basically nothing to do. The 13th minute, Conca straight biography,
Inter Milan 15-16 Away Soccer Jersey, Fred pick Sobis cross shot was defender block back, Sobis again caused the other Zhongwei oolong, the home team 3-0 victory locked. At the same time open in another game, from the South River state international team 1:0 victory over the Vitoria team at the riverside stadium. Argentina star Da Lisandro clever zhisai assists Alan Jisi free from.