United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee you are the leader and legend.

United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee: you are the leader and legend. Manchester United fans at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge the Phoenix sports news within 4 days, Manchester United and Chelsea for the second time on the Stamford Bridge pitch quitting, but battlefield from the League transferred to the campaign in the English League Cup. And this indeed is not battle before the fire, the reason is that because throughout the confrontation of the league in both sides of the dispute, the referee carat Teng Bo lattice successive Hunzhao,
Chelsea 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey, resulting in a classic match with a stain on. Did not think about the refereeing controversy continued into the campaign, the Manchester United fans unexpectedly at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge, high hit the banner to pay tribute to the kiatten Berg. Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League contest already let the fans had enough of addiction, and only less than 4 days time. The two teams once again start fighting. And Philly is also called battle of Chelsea’s revenge, because a League clash at Old Trafford in 3 to 2 victory over Chelsea, but war that a referee Klatten Solberg has become a hero. Because he will be the two time the Chelsea players sent off, full of controversy, and United’s late winner was offside. And after the game Chelsea general Mikel also known as the main referee insulted him. Therefore the FA to Clattenburg were investigated, and before the start of the campaign, the official website of the official Chelsea website released a statement, they have 4 days ago red and blue war duty referee kiatten Berg on Chelsea’s Mikel improper words to the English FA proposed a formal complaint. How can we tolerate the practice of Lord Chelsea. What’s interesting is through the fire of half the sky KIatten Berg campaign still appear in the Standford bridge. Of course not a real person, but a banner on behalf of his. Because the camera to capture a few fans in the Stamford Bridge played very conspicuous banners above impressively reads: Clattenburg, referees, leader, legend! From the banner stands to observe, here are the official visiting Manchester United fans district. Visible Manchester United fans in the stadium Standford bridge also chose to use alternative way to cheer for the team. But the banners hang out, also has a provocative, to know that this is the bridge in Standford stadium. In with today’s carat Teng Bo lattice is in the cusp, not only Chelsea fans hate him very much, the FA has begun to survey he outside, British media is to he a piece condemn it in speech and writing, let Manchester United 3 than 2 Chelsea battle become Clattenburg law enforcement of the last war! And interesting is sadder but wiser, overwhelmed by the two teams clash again. Both the referee Mason can be described as is to enforce the law, regular time Chelsea and Manchester United 3 – 3 draw. The blues won two penalties without controversy and Chelsea’s second goal in over the line after the rescued to, Mason all the right decision. Obviously Chelsea’s clash with Manchester United, the referee should be very careful, otherwise you will fall into the pit of fire. It is worth mentioning the two teams scored once again staged a drama, Chelsea the final 5 than the 4 Manchester united. And Chelsea also successfully revenge Manchester United, but also to a certain extent on the surface if the first game is not a problem, Chelsea may not lose the game. But now the two battle of red and blue war has ended,
Inter Milan 15-16 Away Soccer Jersey, the two teams have 1 wins and 1 losses is the first battle of the main go halves on a fifty-fifty basis, but the referee.