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Real Madrid mouthpiece Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,.

Real Madrid mouthpiece: Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,. "Marca" Real Madrid, the first big red 1-1 draw with Villarreal, Real Madrid coach, received a total of 5 red cards. Mourinho, fitness coach Rui Faria, Mesut Ozil, Ramos, Pepe another time write their names on the red list of Real Madrid. "Marca" said, Mourinho’s Real Madrid is Europe’s first red card large, players got a total of 23 red,
PSG Soccer Jersey Home, Mourinho 3 red, Faria, and 4 red. In fact, Real Madrid mouthpiece of the statistics are not accurate, understates a red card, at the end of last year the king’s cup Albiol was ejected. On September 21, 2010, 10-11 season in La Liga in the fourth round of Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Espanyol game, Pepe get Mu’s battleship’s first red card. It also opened the prelude to the real red. In less than two years time, Ramos, Alvaro Arbeloa, Ricardo Carvalho, Casillas,
Juventus 15-16 Goalkeeper Black Soccer Jersey, Albiol, Marcelo, Di Maria, Sami Khedira and per capita to eat red card. Which, Pepe and Sergio Ramos got a total of four red cards, Alvaro Arbeloa 3 red, Marcelo Carvalho, Mesut Ozil and Di Maria, Albiol two red, Iker Casillas, Alonso, Sami Khedira get a red card. Plus Mourinho was banished to the stands 3 times, 4 times the fitness coach Rui Faria, Real Madrid together to get 31 red. The showdown with Barcelona is the highest place red frequency, a total of 7 players in the national Derby red. "Marca" Mourinho said, let the players keep on fighting, the result is constantly appear red. 2010-11 season 0-5 lose to Barcelona Ramos at the last moment, red leave; Albiol, Mary, Pepe, Marcelo, Ozil are in the national Derby to eat red card. 24 red cards in the players to get in, 7 is direct red card 17 times, accumulated two yellow penalty. League, Champions League, King’s cup, West super cup…… Real Madrid on all fronts to eat red card. Game 103 Mu Real Madrid for a total of 31 red cards, the cards speed is the first in europe. There are not only the Ramos this is due to the violent foul red Xabi Alonso and Ramos this because accepted Mourinho will take the initiative to shuffle card application, and Mourinho mouth cannon is punished by the red card. Attached to Mourinho’s Real Madrid players 24 red list of 2012 3.21 Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid Pepe, Ozil direct red card; Ramos two yellow 1.25 Barcelona Real Madrid 2-2 Ramos 1.10 Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid Alvaro Arbeloa 2011 12.17 Sevilla Real Madrid in 2-6 Pepe 12.13 Real Madrid 2-0 Pang fee o Nabil Abu molar ratio of orr 9.24 Madrid Mukden Levante a 6-2 Rayo Vallecano Mary Real Madrid 1-0 Khedira 9.14 Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 Real Madrid Marcelo 8.17 Barcelona Real Madrid’s 3-2 Marcelo, Ozil direct red card 4.30 Real Madrid 2-3 Zaragoza Carvalho 4.27 Madrid Barcelona 0-2 Pepe direct red card 4.20 Real Madrid 1-0 Barca Mary 4.1 Pei