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United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee you are the leader and legend.

United fans provocation, salute the controversial referee: you are the leader and legend. Manchester United fans at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge the Phoenix sports news within 4 days, Manchester United and Chelsea for the second time on the Stamford Bridge pitch quitting, but battlefield from the League transferred to the campaign in the English League Cup. And this indeed is not battle before the fire, the reason is that because throughout the confrontation of the league in both sides of the dispute, the referee carat Teng Bo lattice successive Hunzhao,
Chelsea 15-16 Home Soccer Jersey, resulting in a classic match with a stain on. Did not think about the refereeing controversy continued into the campaign, the Manchester United fans unexpectedly at Stamford Bridge to openly challenge, high hit the banner to pay tribute to the kiatten Berg. Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League contest already let the fans had enough of addiction, and only less than 4 days time. The two teams once again start fighting. And Philly is also called battle of Chelsea’s revenge, because a League clash at Old Trafford in 3 to 2 victory over Chelsea, but war that a referee Klatten Solberg has become a hero. Because he will be the two time the Chelsea players sent off, full of controversy, and United’s late winner was offside. And after the game Chelsea general Mikel also known as the main referee insulted him. Therefore the FA to Clattenburg were investigated, and before the start of the campaign, the official website of the official Chelsea website released a statement, they have 4 days ago red and blue war duty referee kiatten Berg on Chelsea’s Mikel improper words to the English FA proposed a formal complaint. How can we tolerate the practice of Lord Chelsea. What’s interesting is through the fire of half the sky KIatten Berg campaign still appear in the Standford bridge. Of course not a real person, but a banner on behalf of his. Because the camera to capture a few fans in the Stamford Bridge played very conspicuous banners above impressively reads: Clattenburg, referees, leader, legend! From the banner stands to observe, here are the official visiting Manchester United fans district. Visible Manchester United fans in the stadium Standford bridge also chose to use alternative way to cheer for the team. But the banners hang out, also has a provocative, to know that this is the bridge in Standford stadium. In with today’s carat Teng Bo lattice is in the cusp, not only Chelsea fans hate him very much, the FA has begun to survey he outside, British media is to he a piece condemn it in speech and writing, let Manchester United 3 than 2 Chelsea battle become Clattenburg law enforcement of the last war! And interesting is sadder but wiser, overwhelmed by the two teams clash again. Both the referee Mason can be described as is to enforce the law, regular time Chelsea and Manchester United 3 – 3 draw. The blues won two penalties without controversy and Chelsea’s second goal in over the line after the rescued to, Mason all the right decision. Obviously Chelsea’s clash with Manchester United, the referee should be very careful, otherwise you will fall into the pit of fire. It is worth mentioning the two teams scored once again staged a drama, Chelsea the final 5 than the 4 Manchester united. And Chelsea also successfully revenge Manchester United, but also to a certain extent on the surface if the first game is not a problem, Chelsea may not lose the game. But now the two battle of red and blue war has ended,
Inter Milan 15-16 Away Soccer Jersey, the two teams have 1 wins and 1 losses is the first battle of the main go halves on a fifty-fifty basis, but the referee.

Real Madrid mouthpiece Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,.

Real Madrid mouthpiece: Mourinho hands, make the first red card of large warships in europe,. "Marca" Real Madrid, the first big red 1-1 draw with Villarreal, Real Madrid coach, received a total of 5 red cards. Mourinho, fitness coach Rui Faria, Mesut Ozil, Ramos, Pepe another time write their names on the red list of Real Madrid. "Marca" said, Mourinho’s Real Madrid is Europe’s first red card large, players got a total of 23 red,
PSG Soccer Jersey Home, Mourinho 3 red, Faria, and 4 red. In fact, Real Madrid mouthpiece of the statistics are not accurate, understates a red card, at the end of last year the king’s cup Albiol was ejected. On September 21, 2010, 10-11 season in La Liga in the fourth round of Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Espanyol game, Pepe get Mu’s battleship’s first red card. It also opened the prelude to the real red. In less than two years time, Ramos, Alvaro Arbeloa, Ricardo Carvalho, Casillas,
Juventus 15-16 Goalkeeper Black Soccer Jersey, Albiol, Marcelo, Di Maria, Sami Khedira and per capita to eat red card. Which, Pepe and Sergio Ramos got a total of four red cards, Alvaro Arbeloa 3 red, Marcelo Carvalho, Mesut Ozil and Di Maria, Albiol two red, Iker Casillas, Alonso, Sami Khedira get a red card. Plus Mourinho was banished to the stands 3 times, 4 times the fitness coach Rui Faria, Real Madrid together to get 31 red. The showdown with Barcelona is the highest place red frequency, a total of 7 players in the national Derby red. "Marca" Mourinho said, let the players keep on fighting, the result is constantly appear red. 2010-11 season 0-5 lose to Barcelona Ramos at the last moment, red leave; Albiol, Mary, Pepe, Marcelo, Ozil are in the national Derby to eat red card. 24 red cards in the players to get in, 7 is direct red card 17 times, accumulated two yellow penalty. League, Champions League, King’s cup, West super cup…… Real Madrid on all fronts to eat red card. Game 103 Mu Real Madrid for a total of 31 red cards, the cards speed is the first in europe. There are not only the Ramos this is due to the violent foul red Xabi Alonso and Ramos this because accepted Mourinho will take the initiative to shuffle card application, and Mourinho mouth cannon is punished by the red card. Attached to Mourinho’s Real Madrid players 24 red list of 2012 3.21 Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid Pepe, Ozil direct red card; Ramos two yellow 1.25 Barcelona Real Madrid 2-2 Ramos 1.10 Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid Alvaro Arbeloa 2011 12.17 Sevilla Real Madrid in 2-6 Pepe 12.13 Real Madrid 2-0 Pang fee o Nabil Abu molar ratio of orr 9.24 Madrid Mukden Levante a 6-2 Rayo Vallecano Mary Real Madrid 1-0 Khedira 9.14 Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 Real Madrid Marcelo 8.17 Barcelona Real Madrid’s 3-2 Marcelo, Ozil direct red card 4.30 Real Madrid 2-3 Zaragoza Carvalho 4.27 Madrid Barcelona 0-2 Pepe direct red card 4.20 Real Madrid 1-0 Barca Mary 4.1 Pei

The Champions League – Robben Ryan Muller of Bayern 3-0, 7-0 bloodbath Barcelona in the final score.

The Champions League – Robben Ryan Muller of Bayern 3-0, 7-0 bloodbath Barcelona in the final score. Phoenix sports news Beijing time on May 2, 2 when 45 minutes, the Champions League semi-final second leg in the Nou Camp began a contest, Barcelona home 0-3 defeat by Bayern Munich. The first half, Robben pole was resolved. In the second half, Robben took the lead to break, Ribery made Peake’s own, and then assists Muller headed home. Barcelona total score 0-7 shame of being eliminated by Bayern. Beijing time on May 26, 45, Bayern Munich and Dortmund will at Wembley Stadium in London in the championship, this is the Bundesliga team for the first time to join forces in the Champions League final. [the first record: Bayern Munich 4-0 bloodbath Barcelona mill, ball Robben’s goal Messi stealth] Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the history of the European Cup clash in 7 games, Barcelona 1 wins, two draws and 4 defeats at a disadvantage lost 12 goals scored nine goals. The first leg of the Champions League clash Barcelona 0-4 defeat, the team has never had a first round 4 ball lost to achieve reversal. Messi did not debut, and he was a substitute with Sanchez, small law and David Villa get starting. Alba was suspended for Adriano to replace Busquets, a groin injury by Alexander in song. Bayern almost the whole of the main starting, Dante due to cold to sit on the bench, van Buyten and Kevin Prince Boateng central defensive partner man Zhu Keech replaced Gomez. Bayern took the initiative after the game. Ninth minutes, Ribery free kick out, Muller headed to the door. The 12th minute, Bayern in midfield for foot transfer, Bastian Schweinsteiger pick, Luo of the anti offside form a single, PG behind back to chase fell to the ground slippery shovel rescue. Barcelona attack effect is not good, Bayern counterattack continued to manufacture threats. 19 minutes, Robben straight plug, Bastian Schweinsteiger in the restricted area of the back heel strike and ram in is PG recline, the referee did not any penalty. In the 24th minute,
cheap soccer jerseys free shipping, Barcelona finally launched a threat to the offensive, Pedro outside the restricted area vigorously long-range is concentrate on the Neuer single palm holds the crossbeam. Twenty-seventh minutes Barcelona won the opportunity, Alves right pass, Fabregas body ball, Harvey volley high. Barcelona gradually find the rhythm of the game. Robben booked down song. Thirty-fourth minutes, Iniesta broke through the direct shot is blocked. Bayern counterattack in the continuous breakthrough in the direct shot Robben is also blocked. Fortieth minutes, Adriano steals the ball all the way to the edge of the box, a long-range kicker Neuer was confiscated. Bayern played Barcelona lack of absolute chance neither fast nor slow, the first half, before the end of the game, Alves booked. The 49th minute Bayern in the first goal,
cheap soccer jersey, Robben in right-sided received a long ball transfer process to the edge of the area and inscribed his left foot to hit a beautiful arc straight hanging goal right on the corner, the away game combat Bayern a total score of 5-0 lead Barcelona Barcelona want to reverse have scored six goals. Fifty-fifth minutes Robben re opportunity, back in Ribery pass in the left front, Robben Dianshe out slightly. Vilanova, Harvey was replaced by Sanchez. Under the circumstances of the situation in the face of adversity, the support of Barcelona fans still continue to support. Vilanova again replaced almost after the surrender, Iniesta was replaced by Tiago. Seventy-second minutes Barcelona was hit, Bayern Road, straight pass.