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La Liga -C Ronaldo 2 goals to break Gonzalo Higuain, Real Madrid 3-2 Barcelona 13 points ahead.

La Liga -C Ronaldo 2 goals to break Gonzalo Higuain,
Chelsea Soccer Jersey, Real Madrid 3-2 Barcelona 13 points ahead. Beijing early morning of March 11 5:002011/12 La Liga season 27th round a focus of the war started in Ruiz lopera, Real Madrid away against Real Betis. The first half of Bettis by Molina xianbatouchou, followed by Real Madrid Mesut Ozil assists Gonzalo Higuain broke the score keeper. Half Marcelo assists C Rowe will score counter ultra, but Betis quickly by Montero will tie the score, c Luo using the corner kick opportunity to break the score counter ultra 3-2. Final Real Madrid reversed to win, the league championship points standings lead a few games Barcelona 13 points. In league history, Real Madrid and Real Betis had a total of 93 times in battle record, 51 wins Galacticos 20 flat negative 20 accounted for absolute advantage, 201 goals to lose 100 balls. But the road record is 13 wins 17 flat 16 negative at a disadvantage. Last two sides clash was in La Liga this season 8th round, Real Madrid home 4-1 defeat Bettis, Higuain staged a hat trick, Kaka icing on the cake. Starting lineup Pepe lifted back to replace Ricardo Carvalho played,
Liverpool Soccer Jersey, Kaka and Ozil again joining starting, Higuain still play a single arrow. Before the start of the game, both players in the vicinity of the circle is in before recently died of Real Madrid Champions League five consecutive period of legendary defender Malki Toth stood in silent tribute, Real Madrid wearing a red shirt play. First minutes of the game, Marcello C Luo to return the ball into the box, Mesut Ozil shot right out of the goal. The 4 minutes, Real Madrid in the backcourt completed steals, Kaka straight plug c Luo, in the middle of the Portuguese direct long-range kick, Fabricio ball saved the bottom line. Ninth minutes, the home of the first Bettis scored. Bettis left long passes to the restricted area, Castro after stopping immediately knocks horizontally to road speed plug Molina, Molly chanshe break, 0-1. Real Madrid in the away game. Fifteenth minutes, Bettis again hit the fast counter attack, Molina lob over the crossbar. The 19th minute, cruising the frontcourt ZIL crosses attempts to move the ball to the left of the c Luo, the linesman raised his flag to signal that the c Luo in the offside position, but according to the replays show. This is a clear miscarriage of justice. Twenty-fourth minutes of the game, Real Madrid equalized. Galaxy warships in midfield steals after hit the fast counter attack, Ozil kick straight biography to Gonzalo Higuain, pipita ball speed raid penetrates the forbidden area right, under the press of El Dorado suddenly right foot shot, Fabricio powerless, 1-1. Real Madrid equalized. 28 minutes, Real Madrid houchangchangzhuan to right-sided Ozil, Germany midfielder return Kaka, Kaka restricted area outside the volley is Fabricio Puzhu. The 29th minute, midfielder Nelson long ball to right-sided Montero, Montero lateral dribbling restricted lateral suddenly kick nushe ball wide goal left fly line. Thirty-first minutes, Castro restricted area before the next pass right Montero boom gate was saved cathy. Thirty-second minutes, Gonzalo Higuain was injured on the ground lead to the suspension of the game, a small pipe to the sidelines for a brief treatment quickly returned to the field. Thirty-fifth minutes, Bettis Yiliniyin player malicious foul yellow. After 2 minutes, Kaka deliberately pulled behind Benitez ater, referee Il Tuula Hussein

Suarez were injured in the accident that leave Liverpool, was able to escape the 86800000 cleaning.

Suarez were injured in the accident that leave? Liverpool, was able to escape the 86800000 cleaning. Suarez injured after leaving the fate of the training base Suarez has become a hot topic nowadays in the transfer market, and according to the latest news in the daily mail and the daily mirror, Suarez’s name will not appear in Liverpool and Norway Waller Aaron Braga’s warm-up match. This seems to indicate that the Uruguayan striker’s departure has become inevitable. Without any omen Club suddenly announced deep transfer rumours of the injured players, is often seen as a harbinger of the player to leave the club. And Liverpool and Suarez seem to be repeating the story. Rogers’s team will be in two days usher and Waller Aaron Rica warm-up match, but according to the daily mirror,
wholesale soccer jackets, Liverpool posted a warm-up match list and did not appear to Suarez’s name. The official explanation is given, Suarez suffered a foot injury, so missed the game. The daily mirror said in a foot injury feel discomfort, Suarez himself had left at Melwood,
cheap soccer jerseys, Liverpool said he would accept further observation. So far, Liverpool have been unable to determine the injury, but it is certain that he will not be able to play in Liverpool’s next warm-up match. "Daily Mail" also on the matter made the report, despite the deep transfer rumours, but Rogers still hope he can take part in warm-up match. Now, however, the plans have been wasted. "Daily Mail" analysis, remove and Waller Aaron and game Suarez, I am afraid it is difficult to participate Liverpool next and the Celtic’s warm-up match. Suarez’s foot thing suddenly, especially in his transfer rumors intensified under sudden injury, inevitably lead to suspicion. Prior to this, A Senna has for Suarez 35000000 and 40000000 +1 price, but has been rejected by liverpool. Rodgers said Suarez is their non selling goods. And because of dissatisfaction with the Arsenal wanted Suarez, Rogers is in an interview publicly irony: when I learned that Arsenal 4000 million pound bid, I felt very surprised. Maybe they take this as a game, but we still have a lot of things to deal with. Last Saturday, Suarez also absent from Liverpool captain Gerrard organization of charity dinner, and according to the daily mail and BBC and other media reports, Suarez has started to use legal means to force Liverpool to leave. With the injury, there are signs of a suspect, Suarez’s distance away from Liverpool seems to have become increasingly close. And according to the analysis of the daily mail, remove Dalglish’s midfield ace has become the Rogers and establish their own in Liverpool the prestige of the main means. As the most important Dalgliesh era signings, Suarez is obviously difficult to escape the fate of cleaning. Remove the Uruguay striker, "Sky Sports" report, the Reds will put Downing 5000000 to the cheap price to newcastle. And in term of the Rogers, successively to the departure of Charlie Adam and Carol, Dalglish era of several key signings have been cleaning, which is not even counting the summer out on loan from the Pepe Reina. Such as.

wholesale soccer jackets The ultimate inter transfer plans exposure Real Madrid Barcelona 2 + tough guardian dig.

The ultimate inter transfer plans exposure: Real Madrid Barcelona 2 + tough guardian dig. The boss of a hundred years of giants, for an investor from the East, there will be no small pressure, the new official took three of the fire, this time a surprise day trading may become Thohir prove their best way. TUTHILL is also doing, Inter Milan are planning a pen with three clubs to participate in the transaction. This time,
cheap soccer uniform, the Indonesian people put eyes on the La Liga. According to the "Milan sports news" reported that the international Milan may be the goalkeeper Handanovic sold to Barcelona, while the team hopes to get Barcelona midfielder song. Barcelona goalkeeper Valdez’s contract expires in the summer of this year, the Barcelona goalkeeper has made it clear that will not renew. Valdez’s replacement has become a top priority for Barcelona in the transfer market. Barcelona handanuoweiqi love is not a day for two days. At the same time there is another player involved in this transaction,
wholesale soccer jackets, it is the song of Cameroon. In the summer of 2012, Alexander song to 19 million euros transfer fee to join Barcelona, although expensive, but last season, song in the Primera Liga played only 20 times. After the 9 round of the season, the iron man played 3 times. In this family focus on the Catalonia lineage, song did not find their position. "Daily Star" revealed that song will leave the team this summer. "Milan Sports Newspaper" further reports, eager to get handanovic Barcelona or Cameroon as an afterthought added to it. But this deal is far more than that, according to the Spanish media "Pelota Punto" reported that Thohir is interested in Real Madrid against Casillas and vice captain Ramos, hoping to bring them to Milan city. Casey was not a happy stay in Madrid, the club captain has no national team debut in the league. In a business event last week, the players and even publicly stated: if the next three months, the situation is not improved, I will consider leaving real madrid. 3 months after the transfer period is the most popular in the winter, the Real Madrid captain also know what he meant to say what it is in this year’s winter window, Mourinho bought Lopez. According to "Marca" the latest of a poll, more than 82% of the fans think, if Diego Lopez has been a Real Madrid goalkeeper, then they will understand Casillas decision to leave, in Casillas future Club voting, there are more than 45% of the fans think, Casillas’s next stop will be in Barcelona. International Milan at this time of the sudden involvement of the incident increased the uncertainty of A. Compared to rivals Barcelona, Milan international is more likely to be accepted. If Handanovic left the team, Cathy is bound to become a popular figure for Milan international goalkeeper vacancies. Compared with Cassie, Ramos is a lot of difficulties. Sell handanuoweiqi, bring Cathy and song, perhaps coupled with Ramos. In addition, "Pelota Punto" also said that Thohir is a dream of the Madrid athletics coach Simonyi brought to the team, Simonyi led the team this season in the west.